The ShatNav: Canadian Ham on the Dashboard

By combining high-tech, state-of-the-art navigational technology with the mad voice of Captain Kirk, you’ll know you’re listening to a machine that’ll DOUBLE-DAMN WELL make sure you get to exactly where you want to go. As your directions are delivered in that unique, staccato rhythm – Where. Every. Word. Seems to form… an urgent sentence – you can sit back, roll down the window, put your foot on the gas and “Boldly go… LEFT… at the next junction.”

With the SHATNAV, even the most mundane school-run or shopping trip can become a pulse-pounding human adventure – a trek, if you will. “Easy as she goes, Mister Sulu” purrs the SHATNAV seductively as you approach those pesky speed cameras. “Space… the final parking space” it growls helpfully in that seemingly gridlocked Somerfield carpark. You’ll laugh with joy and blush with embarrassment as the SHATNAV earnestly guides you and playfully chides you with other specially-adapted classic Captain Kirk-isms including “Like a… poor marksman… you just KEEP missing the EXIT!”, “You Klingon bastard, there’s roadworks ahead!” and “KHAAAAAAAAN!!”.

SHATNAV – only $599.95 incl p&p[TJ Hooker module sold separately]