Nick Cave

Looks as though I’ll be seeing Nick Cave twice this year.

Over the weekend it was announced that Nick Cave would be appearing at this year’s bloody marvellous Latitude Festival. As I’m going to Latitude, have already bought a pair of tickets to see him play at the Birmingham Academy next month and am currently so skint I can’t pay attention you might think I’d be a bit annoyed by this turn of events. Not so: I’m bloody well delighted.

As a big fan of Nicholas Edward Cave for many, many years I already know how good he is live. Despite of his reputation – unwarranted, in my opinion – for creating dark, brooding, Book of Revelation-tinged songs about love and murder, as a live performer he’s a true swaggering God of Rock who kicks arse so hard it farts out of its nose.

If that wasn’t enough, the two gigs are under two very different incarnations. The Academy gig is with The Bad Seeds, promoting their latest offering Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!! (haven’t heard it yet, but I’ve yet to hear a NC album I didn’t like) while at Latitude he’ll be performing with Grinderman, his Birthday Party-esque, raw noise, gee-tar band. They’ve got a song called “No Pussy Blues”, and another track (Love Bomb) that namechecks Radio 4’s Gardener’s Question Time. That’s how cool he is.

Maybe I should go and see him three times, instead…