My Top 10 Films of 2008

Here’s my somewhat ridiculously overdue Top Ten Films of 2008, the disappointing sequel to Top Ten Films of 2007. To make up for my tardiness, each one comes with a lovingly hand-crafted haiku summary.

I thought the haiku was an original touch, until I realised that sites like this have been doing this sort of thing for ages.

Never mind, eh?

10. Hellboy 2: The Golden Army

Stateside Guillermo
But Hellboy goes to Ulster
Red Right Hand, indeed…

9. The Orphanage

Twisty Spanish yarn
With a very sad middle
Behold the sack mask!

(Thanks to Clare for that one!)

8. Burn After Reading

Coen’s strike again
Dumb idiots hatch dumb plot
It’s sadistic fun!

7. Tropic Thunder.

Actors’ film folly
As they stumble into war
Year’s funniest film

6. No Country For Old Men.

The Brothers Coen
Go bleak and nihilistic
Beware cattle gun!

5. There Will Be Blood

Fictional oilman

Think: ‘Charlie Kane Does Dallas’
Dan Day Lewis shines!

4. Iron Man

Wealthy arms dealer
Finds redemption in tin suit
He’s Invincible!

3. Wall*E

Little yellow box
Dreams of love and musicals
Then clears up our mess

2. In Bruges

Two Irish hitmen

Lying low in Low Country

Beware racist dwarf!

1. The Dark Knight

Costumed crime drama

Of order versus chaos
A spandex ballet!