Movie Haiku: My Top 100 Films of the Decade (Part 2 of 4)

Here’s my second batch of favourite films of the last decade in haiku-form, which covers number 75 through to 51.

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More to come…


75.  Drag Me To Hell (dir. Sam Raimi, 2009)

Raimi’s zeitgeist surf

As bank clerk is damned

Due to Evil Debt

74.  The Bourne Identity (dir. Doug Liman, 2002)

New ‘JB’ in town

It’s those initials again!

Bond and Bauer – meet Bourne

73.  Gone Baby Gone (dir. Ben Affleck, 2008)

Those Affleck brothers

Adapt Boston-set thriller

(Look out for Omar!)

72.  The Wrestler (dir. Darren Aronofsky, 2009)

Rourke drifts to glory

With tale of aging fighter

Who’s your (Big) Daddy?

71.  Donnie Darko (dir. Richard Kelly, 2002)

Post-modern ‘Harvey’?

Quantum theory for kids?

There’s no ‘F’ in ‘Chance’

70.  Chopper (dir. Andrew Dominik, 2000)

Real-life Oz hard man

And his mad horse-shoe moustache

(Hope he don’t read this)

69.  The Proposition  (dir. John Hilcoat, 2006)

From Bad Seed Nick Cave

Comes a Down-Under Western

That’s straight-up and true

68.  Dead Man’s Shoes  (dir. Shane Meadows, 2004)

Bloody homecoming

For Staffs’ Robert DeNiro

(East Midlands Western)

67.  Zatōichi  (dir. Takeshi Kitano, 2004)

Beat Takeshi’s ode

To sight-impaired Samurai

Cuts, slices, dances

66.  Persepolis  (dir. Vincent Paronnaud/Marjane Satrapi, 2008)

Cartoon slice of life

That’s rich in humanity

And opens our eyes

65.  Zoolander (dir. Ben Stiller, 2001)

Male model mischief

As Stiller’s dumb looker thwarts


64.  Grizzly Man  (dir. Werner Herzog, 2006)

Herzog’s odyssey

Smarter than average doc

Bear necessity

63.  Kung Fu Hustle  (dir. Stephen Chow, 2005)

Martial Art Slapstick

From Shaolin Soccer guy

(Loony Tu-Manchu)

62.  Unbreakable  (dir. M. Night Shyamalan, 2000)

M. Night got it right

With indestructible Bruce

Make a sequel, now!

61.  Hannibal  (dir. Ridley Scott, 2001)

Sequel to Silence

Operatic Grand Guignol

(Love story, of sorts)

60.  Ocean’s Eleven  (dir. Stephen Soderbergh, 2002)

Soderbergh remake

Tops Rat Pack original

Slick, frothy and fun

59.  Team America: World Police  (dir. Trey Parker, 2005)

Top-shelf Thunderbirds

Tackle the War on Terror

Fun, with strings attached

58.  Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit  (dir. Steve Box/Nick Park, 2005)

A man and his dog

In Horror fromage homage

Plasti-scene stealers!

57.  Gangs of New York  (dir. Martin Scorsese, 2003)

Marty’s Good Fellows

An underrated epic

Stove pipe hats at dawn!

56.  Man on Wire  (dir. James Marsh, 2008)

Towering saga

Walks a dangerous tightrope

But maintains balance

55.  Sideways  (dir. Alexander Payne, 2005)

Breezy road movie

A boozy mid-life crisis

Excellent vintage!

54.  Hulk  (dir. Ang Lee, 2003)

Arthouse blockbuster?

They said: ‘Don’t make it, Ang Lee!’

But I still like it

53.  Into the Wild  (dir. Sean Penn, 2007)

Lyrical portrait

Of doomed real-life rebellion

Arctic retreat

52.  Coffee and Cigarettes  (dir.  Jim Jarmusch, 2004)

Unhealthy vignettes

With Jack, Meg, Iggy and Tom

Always makes me smile

51.  Being John Malkovich  (dir. Spike Jonze, 2000)

A big-screen version

Of Beezer comic’s ‘Numskulls’