From 4Talent:

Film Dash took place over 48 hours in Birmingham, with teams putting together films of less than five minutes in length, in a competition organised by Created In Birmingham’s Chris Unitt, honouring the memory of Birmingham-born Ealing comedies producer Michael Balcon. 4Talent Commissioning Editor Catherine Bray was one of three judges.

The winner was Dunkirk, by Rachael Marchant, Danny Smith and my old mate Pete Ashton. The film is a five minute Brum-based saga about love, loss and urban decay that features a rather groovy Bleep Labs’ Thingamagoop synthesiser as its protagonist. In what will surely be its breakthrough role, Thingamagoop effortlessly combined fragile empathy with a captivating sense of wonder. It’s only a matter of time before Hollywood comes knocking on it’s door.

Pete’s done a production diary here, here and here, and the film itself is here:

Dunkirk from Pete Ashton on Vimeo.