Blade Runner: The Cyberpunk Nexus
I’ve written a big ol’ 6,000 word essay entitled Metal Machine Movies: The Lasting Influence of Heavy Metal and Métal Hurlant on Blade Runner and the Science Fiction Cinema of Ridley Scott for a rather terrific new book entitled The Cyberpunk Nexus: Exploring the Blade Runner Universe. It features a veritable plethora of insightful essays about the original Blade Runner movie and its sequel, Blade Runner: 2049. If, like me, you love these films then the book is essential reading.
The book’s available now from Amazon in paperback and Kindle (just so as you know, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases).
Here’s the blurb from publisher Sequart:

The Cyberpunk Nexus:
Exploring the Blade Runner Universe

Edited by Lou Tambone and Joe Bongiorno
Foreword by Paul M. Sammon
Essays by Mike Beidler, Jean-Francois Boivin, Joe Bongiorno, R. Lee Brown, Robert Meyer Burnett, Nathan Butler, Bryce Carlson, Julian Darius, Ian Dawe, Joseph Dilworth Jr., Mario A. Escamilla, Kelli Fitzpatrick, Sabrina Fried, Rich Handley, Zaki Hasan, Stephen Slaughter Head, Tom Lennon, Bentley Ousley, Nelson W. Pyles, Brian Robinson, Paul J. Salamoff, Leah Schade, Timothy Shanahan, and Lou Tambone
Cover by Matt Busch

The Cyberpunk Nexus: Exploring the Blade Runner Universe examines the entire Blade Runner saga, from the original novel to its numerous film iterations. The book features a foreword by Paul M. Sammon (Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner). Essayists include Bryce Carlson (of BOOM! Comics’ Sheep adaptation), Paul J. Salamoff, Robert Meyer Burnett, Rich Handley, Zaki Hasan, Julian Darius, and many others, with a cover by popular artist Matt Busch.